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  1. aanpassing:
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    • adaptation, adaption, tweak


Detailed Translations for aanpassing from Dutch to English


aanpassing [de ~ (v)] noun

  1. de aanpassing (bijstelling)
    the adjustment
  2. de aanpassing
    the personalization
    – A feature with which you can direct Web-based content or e-mail messages to customers based on their user profile data and their previous requests for content. 1
  3. de aanpassing (aanpassen)
    the customization
    – The modification of, or additions to, hardware or software to fit the needs of a specific business or customer. 1

Translation Matrix for aanpassing:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
adjustment aanpassing; bijstelling afstelling; herstelling van materiaal; inregeling; instelling; revisie
customization aanpassen; aanpassing
personalization aanpassing persoonlijke aanpassingen; persoonlijke instellingen

Wiktionary Translations for aanpassing:

  1. het zich aanpassen
  1. a change to the text of a document
  2. the process of becoming different
  3. small change
  4. the quality of being adapted
  5. the act of acclimatizing

Cross Translation:
aanpassing accommodation Anpassung — Vorgang oder Ergebnis des sich Einstellens auf etwas
aanpassing adjustment; adapting accommodation — Action de (s’)adapter, (se) conformer
aanpassing adaptation; adjustment ajustage — technol|fr action d’ajuster ensemble les différentes pièces d’un instrument, d’une machine.
aanpassing transformation; change; conversion; about-face; alteration; shift; refashioning; reform; metamorphosis; recreation; regeneration; adaptation; adjustment transformationaction de transformer.