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Detailed Translations for puerta from Spanish to English


puerta [la ~] noun

  1. la puerta (éxito; entrada; paso)
    the door; the doorway
  2. la puerta (puerta de entrada)
    the gateway; the entrance gate
  3. la puerta
    the gate
    – a movable barrier in a fence or wall 1
  4. la puerta
    the gate
    – A workflow activity that is used in the authentication phase of request processing. 2

Translation Matrix for puerta:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
door entrada; paso; puerta; éxito
doorway entrada; paso; puerta; éxito marco de la puerta; vano
entrance gate puerta; puerta de entrada
gate puerta
gateway puerta; puerta de entrada puerta de enlace

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Synonyms for "puerta":

Wiktionary Translations for puerta:

  1. (electronics) name of one terminal of a transistor
  2. in an air terminal
  3. doorway, opening, or passage in a fence or wall
  4. door-like structure outside
  5. portal of entry into a building, room or vehicle

Cross Translation:
puerta gate; gateway TorArchitektur: großer Zugang, großer Durchgang
puerta door TürArchitektur: ein trennendes oder verbindendes Element zwischen Räumen oder Bereichen
puerta door huis — (vieilli) littéraire|fr porte extérieure d'une maison.
puerta gate portail — Grande porte
puerta door porte — ouverture qui permet le passage dans un mur de maison
puerta gate porte — ouverture qui permet le passage dans une enceinte, une muraille


puerto [el ~] noun

  1. el puerto (ciudad marítima)
    the port town
  2. el puerto
    the port
    – A hardware- or software-based interface used to transfer information between a computer and other devices. Hardware ports are physical connections that are visible on the outside of the computer. Software ports are the numbered gateways in programs that software programs use to exchange information. 2
  3. el puerto
    the port
    – An entry point into BizTalk Server that connects adapters to pipelines. 2
  4. el puerto
    the port
    – An actor's interface component through which actors communicate with other actors. 2

Translation Matrix for puerto:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
port puerto babor; banda de babor; zona portuaria
port town ciudad marítima; puerto ciudad portuaria

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Synonyms for "puerto":

Wiktionary Translations for puerto:

  1. harbour
  2. for ships
  3. place of shelter
  4. dock or harbour
  5. town or city with a dock or harbour
  6. computing: logical or physical construct into and from which data are transferred

Cross Translation:
puerto harbour; harbor; port haven — natuurlijke of aangelegde aanlegplaats voor schepen.
puerto mountain pass; gap bergpas — een lager
puerto port; harbour Hafen — Ort zum natürlichen oder künstlich geschützten Anlegen von Schiffen (sowie übertragen auf andere Fahrzeuge), mit Anlagen zum Löschen, Laden, Reinigen und Ausbessern, an offener See oder an Flussläufen
puerto mountain pass col — Passage dans la montagne.
puerto port; harbour; harbor; haven port — Port pour bateaux
puerto port port — Port informatique

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