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  1. componente
    the component
    – An object that is reusable and can interact with other objects. Note: Every control is a component, but not every component is a control. 1
  2. componente
    the component
    – Any raw material, ingredient, part or item used to assemble a subassembly, finished good, or used as part of a kit. 1
  3. componente
    the component
    – A hardware or software element that is part of a larger system or structure. 1
  4. componente
    the component
    – In general, a modular unit of code that acts as part of a larger system or structure. For COM, a unit of code built to deliver a well-specified set of services through well-specified interfaces. A component provides an object that a client requests at runtime. 1

Translation Matrix for componente:

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component componente

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Wiktionary Translations for componente:

  1. smaller, self-contained part of larger entity

Cross Translation:
componente część; component onderdeel — deel van een groter geheel
componente component; component part; element BauteilTechnik: einzelnes Teil eines technischen Komplexes (Mechanismus, Maschine, Apparat etc.)
componente constituent; component; element; part; feature Bestandteil — ein Teil eines Objektes oder eines kompletten Ganzen
componente component composantélément d'un ensemble plus complexe (ou composite), ou entrant dans la composition d’une autre chose.

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