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Detailed Translations for clave from Spanish to English


clave [la ~] noun

  1. la clave (llave)
    the spanner; the wrench; the monkey-wrench
  2. la clave
    the point
  3. la clave (código; cifra; clave secreta)
    the code; the cipher; the cypher

clave [el ~] noun

  1. el clave (piano; clavicímbalo)
    the piano


  1. clave
    the key
    – In encryption, authentication, and digital signatures, a value used in combination with an algorithm to encrypt or decrypt information. 1
    • key [the ~] noun
  2. clave
    the key
    – On a keyboard, the combination of a plastic keycap, a tension mechanism that suspends the keycap but allows it to be pressed down, and an electronic mechanism that records the key press and key release. 1
    • key [the ~] noun
  3. clave
    the key
    – A piece of data that is required to unlock a packaged Windows Media file. This key is included in a separate license. 1
    • key [the ~] noun
  4. clave
    the key
    – In Registry Editor, a folder that appears in the left pane of the Registry Editor window. A key can contain subkeys and entries. For example, Environment is a key of <b>HKEY_CURRENT_USER</b>. 1
    • key [the ~] noun
  5. clave
    the key
    – In IP security (IPSec), a value used in combination with an algorithm to encrypt or decrypt data. Key settings for IPSec are configurable to provide greater security. 1
    • key [the ~] noun
  6. clave
    the key
    – An alpha, numeric, or alphanumeric value which uniquely identifies elements that are created and referenced as resources, and which exist within a ResourceDictionary. 1
    • key [the ~] noun
  7. clave
    the key
    – A column or group of columns that uniquely identifies a row (primary key), defines the relationship between two tables (foreign key), or is used to build an index. 1
    • key [the ~] noun
  8. clave
    the key
    – In an array, the field by which stored data is organized and accessed. 1
    • key [the ~] noun
  9. clave
    the key
    – The attribute of an entity type that specifies which property or set of properties is used to identify unique instances of the entity type. 1
    • key [the ~] noun

Translation Matrix for clave:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
cipher cifra; clave; clave secreta; código cifrado; clave secreta; criptografía; código; código secreto; escritura cifrada
code cifra; clave; clave secreta; código clave secreta; criptografía; código; código secreto; escritura cifrada
cypher cifra; clave; clave secreta; código clave secreta; criptografía; código; código secreto; escritura cifrada
key clave aguja; boli; cuña; pinza; tecla; tonalidad; tono
monkey-wrench clave; llave
piano clave; clavicímbalo; piano
point clave punta; punto
spanner clave; llave
wrench clave; llave
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
code codificar; poner en clave
point advertir; afilar; aguzar; apuntar; asignar; dar informes; hacer referencia; indicar; informar; informar acerca de; llamar la atención sobre; localizar un sitio para bombardear; mostrar; señalar
wrench cinglar; dislocar; escurrir; hacer lo posible y lo imposible; mover; mover tirando y empujando; retorcer; torcer

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Wiktionary Translations for clave:

  1. word used as a key to a code
  2. computing: field in a record used as a search argument
  3. cryptography: piece of information used to encode or decode
  4. computing: field of a database constrained to be unique
  5. scale of musical notes
  6. small guide explaining symbols or terminology
  7. crucial step
  8. cryptographic system
  9. musical symbol
  1. indispensable

Cross Translation:
clave password wachtwoord — een geheim woord dat men moet produceren om ergens toegelaten te worden
clave clef NotenschlüsselMusik: ein Zeichen, das am Beginn einer Zeile mit Notenlinien steht und den Tonbereich bezeichnet, in dem die Noten stehen
clave keystone; capstone; headstone SchlusssteinArchitektur: der keilförmige, häufig verzierte Stein im Scheitel eines Bogens oder eines Gewölbes
clave key Schlüssel — Information, um eine Nachricht zu ver- oder entschlüsseln
clave keystone clef de voûte — claveau
clave clef clé — notation musicale
clave keyston clé de voute — claveau

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