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Detailed Translations for preliminary from English to Spanish


preliminary [the ~] noun

  1. the preliminary (anticipating; precedes)
    la anticipación; la previsión

Translation Matrix for preliminary:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
anterior last; previous
anticipación anticipating; precedes; preliminary accelerating; anticipation; expectation; hastening; hope; outlook; prepaying; prospect; speeding up
delantero attacker; forward; striker
introductor speaker
precedente precedent
previsión anticipating; precedes; preliminary anticipation; clairvoyance; decision; decree; expectation; facility; forecast; foreseeing; foresight; hope; measure; outlook; prognosis; prospect; providence; provision; supply
- overture; prelim; prelude
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
anterior foregoing; introductory; preceding; prefatory; preliminary; progressing; walking in front before that; last; preceding; previous; previously
delantero foregoing; introductory; preceding; preliminary; progressing
introductor introductory; opening; preceding; preliminary
precedente foregoing; introductory; preceding; prefatory; preliminary; progressing; walking in front
preliminar introductory; opening; preceding; preliminary
previo introductory; opening; preceding; preliminary
yendose delante foregoing; introductory; preceding; preliminary; progressing

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Related Definitions for "preliminary":

  1. denoting an action or event preceding or in preparation for something more important; designed to orient or acquaint with a situation before proceeding1
    • a preliminary investigation1
  2. something that serves as a preceding event or introduces what follows1
    • training is a necessary preliminary to employment1
  3. a minor match preceding the main event1

Wiktionary Translations for preliminary:

Cross Translation:
preliminary preliminar preliminair — (medisch, nld) voorafgaand, inleidend, voorbereidend
preliminary preliminar; provisional vorläufig — nicht endgültig, bis zu einer späteren Festlegung gültig

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