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Detailed Translations for persuasive from English to Spanish


persuasive adj

  1. persuasive

Translation Matrix for persuasive:

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- entreating; moving
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
convincente persuasive convincing; legitimate; pressing; reasonable; solid; sound; valid
persuasivo persuasive acceptable; believable; convincing; credible; likely; plausible; pressing; reasonable; reliable

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Synonyms for "persuasive":

Antonyms for "persuasive":

  • dissuasive

Related Definitions for "persuasive":

  1. intended or having the power to induce action or belief1
    • persuasive eloquence1
    • a most persuasive speaker1
    • a persuasive argument1

Wiktionary Translations for persuasive:

  1. convincing

Cross Translation:
persuasive atractivo; atrayente attirant — Qui attirer. Il ne s’emploie guère qu’au figuré.
persuasive atrayente; atractivo attrayant — Qui a de l’attrait.

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