Detailed Translations for observation from English to Spanish


observation [the ~] noun

  1. the observation (attraction)
    la atención; el cuidado
  2. the observation (apperception; perception; detection)
    la percepción; la observación; la contemplación; la apercepción
  3. the observation (remark; comment)
    el comentario; la observación; la advertencia
  4. the observation (consideration)
    la observación; la consideración; la meditaciones
  5. the observation (surveillance; monitoring; control; )
    la supervisión; la vigilancia; el control
  6. the observation (observe)
    el cuidado; la observación; la contemplación; la atención
  7. the observation
    la observación; la contemplación
  8. the observation
    la observación

Translation Matrix for observation:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
advertencia comment; observation; remark admonition; comment; criticism; remark; warning
apercepción apperception; detection; observation; perception
atención attraction; observation; observe attention
comentario comment; observation; remark annotation; clarification; clearing; comment; commentary; communication; criticism; elucidation; enlightenment; explaining; explanation; information; notice; record; remark; report; survey
consideración consideration; observation becomingness; clemency; compassion; compliance; consideration; considered opinion; considering; decency; deliberation; delicacy; discretion; emotionalism; forbearance; gentility; ground; in deference to; indulgence; kindness; leniency; meditation; mercy; propriety; reflection; reflexion; respectability; seemliness; sensitivity; thought; tolerance
contemplación apperception; detection; observation; observe; perception consideration; considered opinion; contemplation; deliberation; ground; meditation; pondering; reflection; reflexion; speculativeness; thought
control care; control; monitoring; observation; supervision; surveillance; watch administration; analysis; check up; command; control; exam; examination; examining; exploration; guardianship; inspecting; inspection; management; ordeal; overlooking; preliminary examination; prelims; restraint; supervision; surveillance; test; testing; thumb; thumb control; trial; visitation
cuidado attraction; observation; observe care; carefulness; caution; cautiones; cautiousness; deliberacy; facility; furnishing; level headedness; levelheadedness; maintenance; nursing; procurement; providing; provision; prudence; self-composed and sensible; service; wariness
meditaciones consideration; observation brooding; consideration; considered opinion; daydreaming; deep-thinking; meditation; musing; reflection; reverie; thought
observación apperception; comment; consideration; detection; observation; observe; perception; remark comment; declaration; detecting; discerning; ellipse; enunciation; expression of opinion; letting out; noticing; pronunciation; remark; statement; utterance
percepción apperception; detection; observation; perception cashing; detecting; discerning; feeling; noticing; perception; sensation; silvering
supervisión care; control; monitoring; observation; supervision; surveillance; watch administration; control; guardianship; management; supervision; surveillance; visitation
vigilancia care; control; monitoring; observation; supervision; surveillance; watch administration; caution; cautiones; cautiousness; control; deliberacy; guardianship; level headedness; levelheadedness; management; overlooking; prudence; self-composed and sensible; supervision; surveillance; wake; wariness
- notice; observance; reflection; reflexion; watching
Not SpecifiedRelated TranslationsOther Translations
control control
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- view
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
cuidado clean; neat; provided for; taken care of; tidy

Related Words for "observation":

  • observations

Synonyms for "observation":

Related Definitions for "observation":

  1. the act of observing; taking a patient look1
  2. the act of making and recording a measurement1
  3. the act of noticing or paying attention1
  4. facts learned by observing1
    • he reported his observations to the mayor1
  5. a remark expressing careful consideration1

Wiktionary Translations for observation:

  1. judgement
  2. remark or comment
  3. recording an event; the record of such noting
  4. act of observing or being observed

Cross Translation:
observation percepción; observación waarneming — iets via de zintuigen registreren
observation observación observatie — waarneming
observation observación Beobachtungkein Plural: gezielte, bewusste Untersuchung, Wahrnehmung von etwas
observation advertencia; nota observationaction d’observer ce qui prescrire par quelque loi ou ce que l’on promettre à quelqu’un.
observation advertencia; nota remarqueaction de remarquer ou d’observer.
observation reflexión; advertencia; nota; reflejo réflexionTraductions à trier suivant le sens.

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