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Detailed Translations for muse from English to Spanish


muse [the ~] noun

  1. the muse
    la musa

to muse verb (muses, mused, musing)

  1. to muse
  2. to muse (think; consider; ponder; )
  3. to muse (mediate; ponder)
    fraguar; tramar; urdir

Conjugations for muse:

  1. muse
  2. muse
  3. muses
  4. muse
  5. muse
  6. muse
simple past
  1. mused
  2. mused
  3. mused
  4. mused
  5. mused
  6. mused
present perfect
  1. have mused
  2. have mused
  3. has mused
  4. have mused
  5. have mused
  6. have mused
past continuous
  1. was musing
  2. were musing
  3. was musing
  4. were musing
  5. were musing
  6. were musing
  1. shall muse
  2. will muse
  3. will muse
  4. shall muse
  5. will muse
  6. will muse
continuous present
  1. am musing
  2. are musing
  3. is musing
  4. are musing
  5. are musing
  6. are musing
  1. be mused
  2. be mused
  3. be mused
  4. be mused
  5. be mused
  6. be mused
  1. muse!
  2. let's muse!
  3. mused
  4. musing
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for muse:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
cavilar contriving; musing
musa muse
pensar contriving; musing; thinking
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
cavilar muse bother; brood; fret; mope; worry
fraguar mediate; muse; ponder
meditar muse consider; contemplate; meditate on; muse on; ponder on; reflect on
pensar brood; cogitate; consider; muse; ponder; reflect; think; wonder be in sympathy with; conceive; consider; contemplate; contrive; devise; feel; feel empathy for; imagine; intend; invent; make up; meditate on; muse on; ponder on; reflect on; regard; sympathise; sympathize; think; think along; think it over; think out
reflexionar brood; cogitate; consider; muse; ponder; reflect; think; wonder consider; contemplate; do some hard thinking; meditate on; muse on; ponder; ponder on; reflect; reflect on; regard; seek advice; seek advice from; think better of it; think it over; think out
rumiar muse chew the cud; ruminate; sit on
tramar mediate; muse; ponder devise; hatch out; lay schemes; make plans; plan; plot; sit on
urdir mediate; muse; ponder devise; lay schemes; make plans; plan; plot

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Related Definitions for "muse":

  1. the source of an artist's inspiration1
    • Euterpe was his muse1

Wiktionary Translations for muse:

  1. a source of inspiration

Cross Translation:
muse meditar méditerréfléchir sur quelque chose, l’examiner mûrement, de manière à l’approfondir.
muse soñar; pensar songer — (vieilli) voir en songe, rêver.

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