Detailed Translations for contain from English to Spanish


to contain verb (contains, contained, containing)

  1. to contain (include)
  2. to contain (realize; grasp; get to know; hold; realise)
  3. to contain (seal up; comprise; enclose; )

Conjugations for contain:

  1. contain
  2. contain
  3. contains
  4. contain
  5. contain
  6. contain
simple past
  1. contained
  2. contained
  3. contained
  4. contained
  5. contained
  6. contained
present perfect
  1. have contained
  2. have contained
  3. has contained
  4. have contained
  5. have contained
  6. have contained
past continuous
  1. was containing
  2. were containing
  3. was containing
  4. were containing
  5. were containing
  6. were containing
  1. shall contain
  2. will contain
  3. will contain
  4. shall contain
  5. will contain
  6. will contain
continuous present
  1. am containing
  2. are containing
  3. is containing
  4. are containing
  5. are containing
  6. are containing
  1. be contained
  2. be contained
  3. be contained
  4. be contained
  5. be contained
  6. be contained
  1. contain!
  2. let's contain!
  3. contained
  4. containing
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for contain:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
comprender comprehending; comprehension; containing; grasp; including; notion; understanding
contener adding; comprehending; containing; contents; including
entender comprehension; grasp; notion; understanding
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
calar contain; get to know; grasp; hold; realise; realize be on to; drench; fathom; get through; look through; persevere; persist; reach; rumble to; see through; soak; understand
comprender contain; get to know; grasp; hold; include; realise; realize add; be acquainted with; be on to; catch; comprehend; comprise; encapsulate; enclose; get; grant; grasp; hear; include; interpellate; interrogate; question; rumble to; see through; seize; snatch; sneak up on; subsidise; subsidize; take unaware; tattle; twig; understand
concebir contain; get to know; grasp; hold; realise; realize arrange; comprehend; conceptualise; conceptualize; construct; create; design; dig out; dig up; excavate; exhume; expose; get; grasp; hatch out; instal; install; interpret; invent; lay open; make; manufacture; open up; prepare; set up; take up; understand; unearth
contener contain; include add; besiege; besieged; besieges; comprise; confine; control; cover; dam; embank; encapsulate; enclose; enclose with the hands; envelope; evnvelope; include; keep in; keep inside; keep under control; limit; pickle; put aside; put away; reserve; restrain; restrict; salt; set aside; souse; suppress; surround; wrap up
darse cuenta de contain; get to know; grasp; hold; realise; realize become aware of; behold; cast a glance; cast a look; comprehend; feel; get; glance over; grasp; notice; observe; perceive; see; see in; sense; signal; skim; understand
distinguir contain; get to know; grasp; hold; realise; realize attend; become aware of; behold; characterise; characterize; decorate; differentiate; discern; distinguish; distinguish from each other; find; hold apart; keep apart; look at; mark; notice; observe; perceive; see; see in; sense; signal; spectate; typify; view; watch; witness
encintar close in; comprise; contain; enclose; include; lock in; pen in; seal up; surround
entender contain; get to know; grasp; hold; realise; realize be acquainted with; be in sympathy with; be on to; catch; comprehend; conceive; feel; feel empathy for; get; grant; grasp; hear; imagine; intend; interpellate; interpret; interrogate; question; rumble to; see through; seize; snatch; sneak up on; subsidise; subsidize; sympathise; sympathize; take unaware; take up; tattle; think; twig; understand
reconocer contain; get to know; grasp; hold; realise; realize allocate; allot; assent to; assign; bestow on; confer; confirm; control; endorse; examine; explore; give; grant; hand in; hand to; have an opinion on; hear; hold an opinion on; hold an view on; identify; inspect; interpellate; interrogate; investigate; put new life into; question; recognise; recognize; renew; renovate; restore; revitalise; revitalize; say for; subsidise; subsidize; surrender; survey; turn in; view
- arrest; bear; carry; check; comprise; control; curb; hold; hold back; hold in; incorporate; moderate; stop; take; turn back

Related Words for "contain":

Synonyms for "contain":

Related Definitions for "contain":

  1. hold back, as of a danger or an enemy; check the expansion or influence of1
  2. lessen the intensity of; temper; hold in restraint; hold or keep within limits1
  3. include or contain; have as a component1
    • The record contains many old songs from the 1930's1
  4. contain or hold; have within1
    • This can contains water1
  5. be capable of holding or containing1
  6. be divisible by1
    • 24 contains 61

Wiktionary Translations for contain:

  1. To include as a part
  2. To limit through restraint
  3. To hold inside

Cross Translation:
contain contener herbergen — bevatten
contain contener bevatten — omvatten, in zich sluiten
contain brida; contenerse; atar corto a alguien Zaum — zum Zügeln am Kopf von Zug-, Last- und Reittieren angebrachte Vorrichtung bestehend aus Zaumgebiss und Riemenzeug
contain albergar; comprender; incluir; contener beinhalten — (transitiv), schriftsprachlich: zum Inhalt haben, enthalten, umfassen
contain contener enthalten — so beschaffen sein, dass das mit dem (stets nötigen) Akkusativ-Objekt Bezeichnete ein Teil des Enthaltenden (des mit dem Subjekt Bezeichneten) ist; einen Inhalt haben; bestehen aus
contain contener contenir — Avoir une certaine contenance.
contain contener contenir — Renfermer.
contain contener contenir — Retenir dans certaines bornes.
contain contener renfermerenfermer de nouveau.