Detailed Translations for attentive from English to Spanish


Translation Matrix for attentive:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
alerta alert; call for help
interesado applicant; candidate; interested; interested party; party concerned; person who is interested
vigilante attendant; bodyguard; civil guard; door-keeper; doorkeeper; doorman; gate-keeper; guard; guardsman; keeper; porter; property man; sentry; someone who is alert; stage manager; usher; warder; watcher; watchman
AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- heedful; paying attention; thoughtful
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
afable assistent; attentive; complaisant; helpful; obliging affable; amiable; amicable; amicably; benign; bland; calm; calmly; collected; composed; friendly; kind; kindly; lovable; obliging; peaceful; placid; quiet; quietly; restful; serene; silent; still; taking; tranquil; unemotional; uneventful
alegre amusing; animated; attentive; bright; buoyant; cheerful; clear; colorful; colourful; dependable; eager; eagre; enchanted; enthusiastic; festive; funny; gay; happy; jolly; joyful; joyous; merry; mystified; neat; passionate; pleasant; reliable; safe; spell bound; sunny; tidy; trusted; trustworthy; under enchantment; vibrant agile; agitated; aroused; as pleased as punch; bright; brisk; buoyant; busily engaged; bustling; busy; casual; cheerful; colored; colorful; coloured; colourful; contented; delighted; engaged; excited; felicitous; flighty; flippant; florid; fluttered; fond of laughing; frivolous; full of joy; fullfilled; gay; given to laughter; glad; good natured; good-humored; good-humoured; good-tempered; gratifying; happy; heated; high-coloured; high-spirited; in good spirits; in high spirits; jolly; joyful; light-hearted; lively; memorable; merry; occupied; playful; pleasant; pleased; satiated; satisfied; shallow; sprightly; tied up; upbeat
alerta alert; attentive; cautious; observant; perceptive; vigilant; watchful alert; cautious
amable assistent; attentive; complaisant; helpful; obliging a kind manner; affable; affectionate; agreeable; alluring; amiable; appealing; attractive; benevolent; benign; bland; calm; calmly; charming; cherished; collected; comfortable; composed; conciliatory; congenial; cooperative; cordial; cosy; cozy; cute; dear; enchanting; endearing; engaging; enjoyable; entrancing; exclusive; favorite; favourite; fine; friendly; genial; good; good-natured; great; hearty; honest; kind; kindly; likable; lovable; lovely; mild; nice; obliging; peaceful; placid; pleasant; pleasing; preferential; pretty; private; quiet; quietly; restful; select; selected; serene; silent; still; sweet; sympathetic; taking; tranquil; unemotional; uneventful; warm; warm-hearted; well-behaved; winsome
asiduo assistent; attentive; complaisant; helpful; obliging benevolent; good-natured; kind; mild
atentamente attentive; concerned; interested; observant; perceptive careful; closely; sharply
atento alert; assistent; attentive; cautious; complaisant; concerned; helpful; interested; obliging; observant; perceptive; vigilant; watchful affable; amiable; benevolent; benign; bland; careful; cautious; civil; civilised; civilized; closely; considerate; courteous; cultivated; cultured; friendly; good-natured; kind; mild; obliging; polite; sharply; taking
complaciente assistent; attentive; complaisant; helpful; obliging a kind manner; accommodating; amenable; amicable; amicably; benevolent; calm; calmly; collected; complaisant; compliant; composed; docile; flexible; friendly; good-natured; humble; kind; kind-hearted; kindly; lenient; malleable; meek; mild; obliging; peaceful; placid; pliable; quiet; quietly; readiness; ready; restful; serene; servient; silent; simple to operate; slavishly; still; submissive; tolerant; tractable; tranquil; unemotional; uneventful; willing; yielding
con atención attentive; observant; perceptive
dispuesto a ayudar assistent; attentive; complaisant; helpful; obliging benevolent; good-natured; kind; mild
indulgente assistent; attentive; complaisant; helpful; obliging a kind manner; accommodating; amenable; calm; charitabel; clement; complaisant; compliant; docile; flexible; forgiving; generous; gentle; gracious; humble; lenient; liberal; magnanimous; malleable; meek; merciful; munificent; noble; obliging; open minded; open-handed; patient; pliable; readiness; ready; servient; simple to operate; slavishly; submissive; tolerant; tractable; unsparing; waiting patiently; willing; yielding
interesado attentive; concerned; interested inquisitive; questioning; studious
obsequioso assistent; attentive; complaisant; helpful; obliging accommodating; complaisant; compliant; considerate; cooperative; docile; flexible; obedient; obliging; pliable; ready; servient; simple to operate; submissive; tolerant; tractable; willing; yielding
servicial assistent; attentive; complaisant; helpful; obliging considerate; lenient; obliging; readiness; ready; servient; tractable; willing
vigilante alert; attentive; cautious; vigilant; watchful cautious

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  1. (often followed by `to') giving care or attention1
    • attentive to details1
    • the nurse was attentive to her patient1
    • an attentive suitor1
  2. taking heed; giving close and thoughtful attention1

Wiktionary Translations for attentive:

  1. paying attention

Cross Translation:
attentive atento aandachtig — met belangstelling, met aandacht, met interesse
attentive cortés; bueno; obediente; gentil artig — (Verhalten eines Kindes) nett, lieb und vernünftig
attentive atento aufmerksam — (meist bewusst) genau wahrnehmend bzw. betrachtend
attentive atento attentif — Qui a de l’attention, de la concentration sur quelque chose.
attentive atento; fijarse faire attention — Remarquer

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