Detailed Translations for recurso from Spanish to English


recurso [el ~] noun

  1. el recurso
    the resource
  2. el recurso
    the legal remedy; the remedy at law
  3. el recurso
    the resource
    – For Device Manager, any of four system components that control how the devices on a computer work. These four system resources are interrupt request (IRQ) lines, direct memory access (DMA) channels, input/output (I/O) ports, and memory addresses. 1
  4. el recurso
    the resource
    – For failover clusters or server clusters, a physical or logical entity that is capable of being managed by a cluster, brought online and taken offline, and moved between nodes. A resource can be owned only by a single node at any point in time. 1
  5. el recurso
    the resource
    – Generally, any part of a computer system or network, such as a disk drive, printer, or memory, that can be allotted to a running program or a process. 1
  6. el recurso
    the resource
    – Any item in a report server database that is not a report, folder, or shared data source item. 1
  7. el recurso
    the work center
    – A self-contained unit of the manufacturing process, or an entire plant. 1
  8. el recurso
    the asset
    – The abstract or concrete resources that a system must protect from misuse by an adversary. 1
  9. el recurso
    the resource
    – A room, computer, or any equipment needed at a meeting. 1
  10. el recurso
    the resource
    – A user that performs a service, or the equipment or facility that is required for a service. 1
  11. el recurso
    the resource
    – A document, slide set, or other printable output that can be imported by the meeting client. 1
  12. el recurso
    the resource
    – A reusable named item in your project or document that can represent a color (brush), object, control, style, template, user control or value that you can apply or "re-use" throughout your project to create consistency in color (theme) or to create multiple instances of a single control like a button where you want to maintain a unified look for each button. 1
  13. el recurso
    the resource
    – An optional payload that can be associated with an action. By default, Human Workflow Services track resources that flow through an activity flow. It is important to note that Human Workflow Services does not manage the resource, it only tracks a reference to the resource. 1
  14. el recurso
    the resource
    – Any nonexecutable data that is logically deployed with an application. A resource might be displayed in an application as error messages or as part of the user interface. Resources can contain data in a number of forms, including strings, images, and persisted objects. 1
  15. el recurso
    the resource
    – A special variable that holds a reference to a database connection or statement. 1
  16. el recurso (remedio; arbitrio; medio auxiliar; salida)
    the resources; the expedient; the remedy; the makeshift; the help
  17. el recurso (riqueza; abundancia)
    the wealth; the richness

Translation Matrix for recurso:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
asset recurso activo; bien
expedient arbitrio; medio auxiliar; recurso; remedio; salida
help arbitrio; medio auxiliar; recurso; remedio; salida activación; aliento; animación; apoyo; asistencia; asistencia familiar; atención al cliente; auxilio; auxilio social; ayuda; ayuda económica; ayuda en pantalla; ayuda social; ayudante; entretenimiento; envalentonamiento; estimulación; estímulo; incitación; mantenimiento; manutención; mozo de labranza; prestación de ayuda; prestación de servicios; respaldo; servicio; socorro; soporte; sostén
legal remedy recurso
makeshift arbitrio; medio auxiliar; recurso; remedio; salida paliativo
remedy arbitrio; medio auxiliar; recurso; remedio; salida medicamento; medicina; método curativo; remedio; resolver; terapia medicinal; terapéutica; tratamiento terapéutico
remedy at law recurso
resource recurso
resources arbitrio; medio auxiliar; recurso; remedio; salida
richness abundancia; recurso; riqueza riqueza
wealth abundancia; recurso; riqueza afluencia; bienestar; bonanza; capital; mas dineros; prosperidad; provecho; riqueza; salud; suma; éxito
work center recurso
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
help aportar; asistir; atender; auxiliar; ayudar; colaborar; contribuir; cooperar; promocionar; secundar; ser de ayuda; servir; socorrer; sostener
remedy alzar; levantar
AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
expedient aconsejable; conveniente; digno de encomio; encomiable; loable; prudente; recomendable
makeshift improvisado
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
help ¡por Dios!; ¡socorro!

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Wiktionary Translations for recurso:

  1. method by which something is done
  2. something which helps; a material source of help
  3. legal means
  4. something or someone turned to for safety
  5. something that one uses to achieve an objective
  6. -
  7. A written order

Cross Translation:
recurso resource Ressource — natürliche Rohstoffvorkommen
recurso recourse; resort; use; appeal recoursaction par laquelle on rechercher de l’assistance, du secours.
recurso remedy; means; resource; avenue; expedience; expedient; recourse; way; agency; drug; medicine; pharmaceutical; medicament remède — médecine|fr substance qui sert à guérir un mal ou une maladie.
recurso resource; livelihood; means; remedy; avenue; expedience; expedient; recourse; way; agency ressource — Traductions à trier suivant le sens