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  1. assent to:


Detailed Translations for assent to from English to Swedish

assent to:

to assent to verb (assents to, assented to, assenting to)

  1. to assent to (confirm; endorse)
    bejaka; samtycka till
    • bejaka verb (bejakar, bejakade, bejakat)
    • samtycka till verb (samtycker till, samtyckte till, samtyckt till)
  2. to assent to (consent to; agree to)
    gå med på; samtycka till; samstämma
    • gå med på verb (går med på, gick med på, gått med på)
    • samtycka till verb (samtycker till, samtyckte till, samtyckt till)
    • samstämma verb (samstämmer, samstämde, samstämt)

Conjugations for assent to:

  1. assent to
  2. assent to
  3. assents to
  4. assent to
  5. assent to
  6. assent to
simple past
  1. assented to
  2. assented to
  3. assented to
  4. assented to
  5. assented to
  6. assented to
present perfect
  1. have assented to
  2. have assented to
  3. has assented to
  4. have assented to
  5. have assented to
  6. have assented to
past continuous
  1. was assenting to
  2. were assenting to
  3. was assenting to
  4. were assenting to
  5. were assenting to
  6. were assenting to
  1. shall assent to
  2. will assent to
  3. will assent to
  4. shall assent to
  5. will assent to
  6. will assent to
continuous present
  1. am assenting to
  2. are assenting to
  3. is assenting to
  4. are assenting to
  5. are assenting to
  6. are assenting to
  1. be assented to
  2. be assented to
  3. be assented to
  4. be assented to
  5. be assented to
  6. be assented to
  1. assent to!
  2. let's assent to!
  3. assented to
  4. assenting to
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

assent to

  1. assent to (approve of; approve)

Translation Matrix for assent to:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bejaka assent to; confirm; endorse
gå med på agree to; assent to; consent to
samstämma agree to; assent to; consent to
samtycka till agree to; assent to; confirm; consent to; endorse
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bifalla approve; approve of; assent to

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