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Detailed Translations for possess from English to Spanish


to possess verb (possesses, possessed, possessing)

  1. to possess (own; have)

Conjugations for possess:

  1. possess
  2. possess
  3. possesses
  4. possess
  5. possess
  6. possess
simple past
  1. possessed
  2. possessed
  3. possessed
  4. possessed
  5. possessed
  6. possessed
present perfect
  1. have possessed
  2. have possessed
  3. has possessed
  4. have possessed
  5. have possessed
  6. have possessed
past continuous
  1. was possessing
  2. were possessing
  3. was possessing
  4. were possessing
  5. were possessing
  6. were possessing
  1. shall possess
  2. will possess
  3. will possess
  4. shall possess
  5. will possess
  6. will possess
continuous present
  1. am possessing
  2. are possessing
  3. is possessing
  4. are possessing
  5. are possessing
  6. are possessing
  1. be possessed
  2. be possessed
  3. be possessed
  4. be possessed
  5. be possessed
  6. be possessed
  1. possess!
  2. let's possess!
  3. possessed
  4. possessing
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for possess:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
propiedades bits & pieces; bits and pieces; possesions; stuff; things; worldly goods
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
disponer de have; own; possess
haber have; own; possess
poseer have; own; possess
propiedades have; own; possess
tener have; own; possess
- have; own

Related Words for "possess":

Synonyms for "possess":

Related Definitions for "possess":

  1. have ownership or possession of1
  2. have as an attribute, knowledge, or skill1
    • he possesses great knowledge about the Middle East1
  3. enter into and control, as of emotions or ideas1
    • What possessed you to buy this house?1
    • A terrible rage possessed her1

Wiktionary Translations for possess:

  1. to have; to have ownership of
  2. to take control of someone's body or mind

Cross Translation:
possess poseer bezitten — iets in eigendom hebben
possess poseer besitzen — (umgangssprachlich) etwas als Eigentum haben, über das man verfügen kann
possess ser dueño de; poseer posséder — À trier