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Detailed Translations for peace from English to Spanish


peace [the ~] noun

  1. the peace (time of peace)
    la paz; el tiempo de paz
  2. the peace (silence; quiet)
    la tranquilidad; la calma; la paz
  3. the peace
    la paz
    • paz [la ~] noun

Translation Matrix for peace:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
calma peace; quiet; silence calm; calmness; cold-bloodedness; composure; inner calm; inner peace; peace of mind; quiet; quietness; reticence; serenity; silence; taciturnity; tranquility; tranquillity; tranquillity of mind
paz peace; quiet; silence; time of peace
tiempo de paz peace; time of peace
tranquilidad peace; quiet; silence allaying; appeasement; appeasing; calm; calming; calming down; composure; inner calm; inner peace; pacifying; peace of mind; quiet; quieting; relaxation; relief; serenity; silence; soothing; steadying; tranquillity of mind
- ataraxis; heartsease; pacification; peace of mind; peace treaty; peacefulness; public security; repose; serenity

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Related Definitions for "peace":

  1. a treaty to cease hostilities1
    • peace came on November 11th1
  2. the absence of mental stress or anxiety1
  3. harmonious relations; freedom from disputes1
    • the roommates lived in peace together1
  4. the state prevailing during the absence of war1
  5. the general security of public places1
    • he was arrested for disturbing the peace1

Wiktionary Translations for peace:

  1. tranquility, quiet, harmony
  2. state of mind
    • peacepaz
  3. harmony, lack of conflict in personal relations
    • peacepaz
  4. state of being free from war
    • peacepaz

Cross Translation:
peace paz vrede — het ontbreken van oorlog
peace tratado de paz Friedenkurz für: Friedensschluss, Friedensvertrag
peace paz Frieden — vertraglich gesichertes Miteinander verschiedener Staaten, das durch Abwesenheit von Gewalt (und speziell von Krieg) gekennzeichnet ist
peace calma Frieden — Ruhe, beruhigende Stille
peace armonía Frieden — Zustand harmonischen Miteinanders
peace realización FriedenReligion, gehoben: religiöse Erfüllung, Segen
peace paz paixcalme, repos, silence, éloignement du bruit ou des affaires.

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