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Detailed Translations for how from English to Spanish


Translation Matrix for how:

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- what
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
como how; in which way as; as much; ditto; equally; in a minute; in the same way as; just as; just like; like; likewise; similar; such as; the same
cómo as to how; how; of how; what sort of
de cual forma how; in which way
qué as to how; how; of how; what sort of what

Wiktionary Translations for how:

  1. in what state
  1. in which way
  1. used as a modifier to indicate surprise, delight, or other strong feelings
  2. to what degree
  3. in what manner

Cross Translation:
how cómo hoe — op welke wijze
how llevarse; ser; experto; en; algo verstehen — (reflexiv) ohne Streitigkeiten mit jemandem auskommen, eine gute persönliche Beziehung zu jemandem haben
how cómo comment — De quelle manière, de quelle sorte
how que que — Exclamatif

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