Detailed Translations for claim from English to Spanish


to claim verb (claims, claimed, claiming)

  1. to claim (demand; lay claim to)
  2. to claim (ask for)
  3. to claim (demand)
  4. to claim

Conjugations for claim:

  1. claim
  2. claim
  3. claims
  4. claim
  5. claim
  6. claim
simple past
  1. claimed
  2. claimed
  3. claimed
  4. claimed
  5. claimed
  6. claimed
present perfect
  1. have claimed
  2. have claimed
  3. has claimed
  4. have claimed
  5. have claimed
  6. have claimed
past continuous
  1. was claiming
  2. were claiming
  3. was claiming
  4. were claiming
  5. were claiming
  6. were claiming
  1. shall claim
  2. will claim
  3. will claim
  4. shall claim
  5. will claim
  6. will claim
continuous present
  1. am claiming
  2. are claiming
  3. is claiming
  4. are claiming
  5. are claiming
  6. are claiming
  1. be claimed
  2. be claimed
  3. be claimed
  4. be claimed
  5. be claimed
  6. be claimed
  1. claim!
  2. let's claim!
  3. claimed
  4. claiming
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

claim [the ~] noun

  1. the claim (demand; request; query)
    la demanda; la exigencia
  2. the claim (assertion; assert; statement)
    la aserción; el aserto; la afirmacion; la alegación
  3. the claim (demand; legal claim; petition; action)
    la exigencia; la demanda; la reclamación; la demanda judicial
  4. the claim (legal title; title; legal ground; ownership; demand)
    el título; el fundamento jurídico; el fundamento legal; el título legal
  5. the claim
    el requerir; el reclamar
  6. the claim
  7. the claim (request)
  8. the claim (claim for damages; claim for compensation)
  9. the claim (legal claim; action)
  10. the claim
    – A statement that a server makes (for example, name, identity, key, group, privilege, or capability) about a client. 1
    la notificación

Translation Matrix for claim:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
acción de resarcimiento claim; claim for compensation; claim for damages
acción judicial action; claim; legal claim condition; criterion; legal action
afirmacion assert; assertion; claim; statement
alegación assert; assertion; claim; statement
aserción assert; assertion; claim; statement assertion; statement
aserto assert; assertion; claim; statement assertion; statement
demanda action; claim; demand; legal claim; petition; query; request enquiry; inquiry; proposal; request
demanda de indemnización claim; claim for compensation; claim for damages
demanda judicial action; claim; demand; legal claim; petition
detracción claim; request detraction; journey home; return journey; ride back; trip back; trip home
exigencia action; claim; demand; legal claim; petition; query; request circumstances; condition; exactingness; fastidiousness; must; requirement; requisite; stipulation
exigir claiming
fundamento jurídico claim; demand; legal ground; legal title; ownership; title
fundamento legal claim; demand; legal ground; legal title; ownership; title
notificación claim announcement; clarification; clearing; communication; declaration; decree; disclosure; elucidation; enlightenment; explaining; explanation; information; making known; message; notice; notification; piece of news; proclamation; promulgation; publication; report; statement; subpoena; summons
pedir gathering; ordering
reclamación action; claim; demand; legal claim; petition appeal; collection; complaint; countermeasure; petition; price list; recovery; table of charges
reclamación por daños y perjuicios claim; claim for compensation; claim for damages
reclamar claim claiming
requerir claim
retirada claim; request cancellation; conversion; journey home; reduction; repeal; reservedness; retiring nature; retrace; retractation; retraction; retreat; return journey; revocation; ride back; simplification; taking back; trip back; trip home; withdrawal
retirada de la invitación claim; request
título claim; demand; legal ground; legal title; ownership; title caption; caption bar; degree; dignity; forms of address; heading; headline; order of rank; rank; title; title bar
título legal claim; demand; legal ground; legal title; ownership; title
- call; title
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
exigir claim; demand; lay claim to call in; claim back; complain; demand; reclaim; require
incautar claim confiscate; forfeit; seize
pedir ask for; claim appeal; apply for; apply to; ask; ask for; ask for information; beg; examine; file a petition; make enquiries; order; petition; plead; pray; pretest; query; remind; request; require; say grace; send for; subpoena; summon; test; try; try out
recaudar claim; demand cash; charge; collect money; convert into cash; levy; realise; realize
reclamar ask for; claim; demand; lay claim to ask back; call in; claim back; complain; object; protest; put in a complaint; reclaim; return an invitation; wail; whinge; yammer
recuperar ask for; claim catch up; catch up with; gain; get over; make good; make up; recapture; reconquer; recoup; recover; rectify; regain; retake; retrieve; revive; run in; struggle up; win back
reivindicar claim; demand; lay claim to call in; claim back; complain; reclaim
requerir call upon; dun; exhort; remind; requisition; send for; subpoena; summon
requisar claim
tener derecho a claim
- arrogate; exact; lay claim; take
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
créditos por cobrar claim
- demand; motion; put in a claim; request; require; take out a mining concession for

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Related Definitions for "claim":

  1. demand for something as rightful or due2
    • they struck in support of their claim for a shorter work day2
  2. an informal right to something2
    • his claim on her attentions2
  3. an established or recognized right2
    • a strong legal claim to the property2
    • he staked his claim2
  4. an assertion of a right (as to money or property)2
    • his claim asked for damages2
  5. an assertion that something is true or factual2
    • his claim that he was innocent2
    • evidence contradicted the government's claims2
  6. a demand especially in the phrase2
  7. take as an undesirable consequence of some event or state of affairs2
    • the accident claimed three lives2
  8. assert or affirm strongly; state to be true or existing2
    • He claimed that he killed the burglar2
  9. lay claim to; as of an idea2
  10. ask for legally or make a legal claim to, as of debts, for example2
    • They claimed on the maximum allowable amount2
  11. demand as being one's due or property; assert one's right or title to2
    • He claimed his suitcases at the airline counter2
    • Mr. Smith claims special tax exemptions because he is a foreign resident2
  12. A statement that a server makes (for example, name, identity, key, group, privilege, or capability) about a client.1

Wiktionary Translations for claim:

  1. -
  2. (law) to demand compensation
  3. to state a new fact
  4. to demand ownership of something
  1. (law) demand for compensation
  2. demand of ownership for previously unowned land
  3. new statement of truth made about something
  4. demand of ownership

Cross Translation:
claim demanda vordering — opeisen
claim reclamar reclameren — geld terugvragen
claim derecho pretentie — aanspraak, claim
claim aseverar; aducir; afirmar; sostener; sostenerse beweren — iets met stelligheid verklaren waarvan het voor anderen niet duidelijk is of het waar is
claim pretención; exigencia Forderung — dringender Wunsch, Begehren, Verlangen, insbesondere auch ein finanzieller Anspruch an einen Dritten
claim demanda KlageRecht: ein Antrag an ein Gericht, über einen Rechtsstreit zu entscheiden
claim reclamación ReklamationBeanstandung einer mangelhaften Kaufsache oder Dienstleistung; eine Aufforderung zur Gewährleistung
claim sostener; afirmar behaupten — (transitiv) etwas sagen, was nicht stimmen muss oder gar unglaubwürdig ist
claim derecho AnspruchRecht, etwas zu tun, zu erhalten, usw.
claim derecho AnrechtBerechtigung, eine Sache zu erwerben oder in Anspruch zu nehmen
claim quejar; aullar clamermanifester son opinion par des termes violents, par des cris.
claim reclamar; necesitar réclamerimplorer ; demander avec instance.

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