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Detailed Translations for brother-in-law from English to Spanish


brother-in-law [the ~] noun

  1. the brother-in-law
    el cuñado

Translation Matrix for brother-in-law:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
cuñado brother-in-law

Related Words for "brother-in-law":

Synonyms for "brother-in-law":

  • in-law; relative-in-law

Related Definitions for "brother-in-law":

  1. a brother by marriage1

Wiktionary Translations for brother-in-law:

  1. one's wife's sister's husband
  2. one's husband's sister's husband
  3. one's wife's brother
  4. one's sister's husband
  5. one's husband's brother

Cross Translation:
brother-in-law cuñado schoonbroer — de echtgenoot van iemands broer of zus, of de broer van iemands echtgenoot of echtgenote.
brother-in-law cuñado schoonbroederechtgenoot van broer of zus, of de broer van de echtgenoot of echtgenote
brother-in-law cuñado zwager — familie|nld de echtgenoot van een zus of de broer van een echtgenote
brother-in-law cuñado Schwager — Bruder des Ehepartners
brother-in-law cuñado beau-frère — Le frère du conjoint.

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